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How can we help you deliver high-quality software solutions on time and within budget? We have helped hundreds of companies across the US and worldwide implement software development best practices that are best suited for their needs.

As a result, companies experience enhanced team productivity, greater project predictability, more agility, and better product quality.

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Agile Transformations

We provide comprehensive offerings to support organizations and teams in their agile transoformations, because we have found that no two agile transformation engagements are ever the same.

Software Development Assessments

We’ll guide you through a realistic assessment of your current implementation, improvement goals, and business objectives–and formulate a plan to get the most from your agile adoption.

Design & Code Evaluations

Illuminate technical risks while shielding intellectual property details. We analyze code, design, technology, and development sophistication to help you make solid business decisions.

Scrum Level Up

Many teams practicing Scrum fall short of expectations—they leave people wondering. The basics are in place, but you aren’t seeing the full benefits that you expected. Find out how we can level up your Scrum team fast.

Kanban Adoptions

Kanban has emerged as an alternative to Scrum, or an approach to can be used in conjunction with Scrum to improve performance. How do you know whether Scrum or Kanban is a better fit for your needs—or whether a combination is best?

Organizational Assessments

You know your organization can do better—and it needs to do better if you want to stay competitive. But where do you start, and what are the highest leverage improvement areas?


Explore our hands-on, expert-led, software best practices workshops. Learn more about the ways we customize them for your team.

Product & Lifecycle Reviews

The classic waterfall Software Development Life Cycle—first define all the requirements, then create all the design—doesn’t work for most organizations today. But what would be better, given your specific organization’s environment and your business goals?

Agile Software Metrics

Agile metrics ensure that you meet your engineering goals for productivity, market competitiveness, agile adoption, quality, and other objectives. Done well, agile software metrics align with your business’s top-level objectives and support them.

Large Distributed Development

It’s relatively easy to use Scrum on a single, co-located team, but what works well in the small can be challenging when applied at scale. Projects or product development efforts with ten, fifteen, twenty, or more teams are common today.

Case Studies

Learn about companies who we have helped to achieve their goals through our comprehensive consulting engagements.

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“The Construx personnel we met all showed great personal energy and great professional insight.”

David Wood, Symbian

“The launch of our department-wide scrum implementation is going extremely well and I credit the training from Construx as a significant factor.”

Neal Herman, BD

“Construx is a unique and invaluable resource for software organizations and practitioners.”

Scott MacCready, King County