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Kanban Adoption

Kanban is emerging as an alternative to Scrum or an extension to Scrum (that can) used to improve performance. How do you know whether Scrum or Kanban is a better fit for your needs? Or are there benefits of both that could be realized? Kanban Transformation helps teams, whether using Scrum or not, quickly determine and implement Kanban into their current workflow.


Software Development Questions

Questions and Issues

  • Will Kanban work in our situation?
  • Should we use Kanban or Scrum? Or both?
  • How do we get started?
  • What data will be available to support making and meeting commitments?


Software Consulting Solution

Typical Solution

  • Interview team members and stakeholders to understand the current situation
  • Provide a Kanban overview
  • Analyze and map out current workflows
  • Identify classes of service
  • Setup Kanban boards and work in progress (WIP) limits
  • Determine how the team will continuously improve


Software Consulting Results

Results You Can Expect

  • Increased visibility into the teams work
  • Metrics (cycle time, lead time) that support predictability
  • Clear criteria that support delivery high quality software
  • Continuous improvement cycle establish