No Problem Too Big—or Too Small

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients across numerous industries to solve the most common and destructive software development problems.

The services we provide and the way we work are based on our expertise and experience, always focusing on what you need the most.

So whether you have challenges and goals at the team level, project level, or organizational level, we are ready to help.

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Types of Problems We Solve

Agile Transformation

Do you want the benefits of Agile but not sure where to start?

Whether you are scaling a Scrum pilot to a staff of thousands, just starting your Agile journey, or looking to reinvigorate a stalled Agile adoption, we will help you get the most value from your efforts.

We specialize in customizing Agile adoptions to support business needs.

Common challenges include scaling to large projects, working in combined hardware/software environments, complying with regulatory requirements, and bringing more agility to longstanding waterfall lifecycle processes.

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Wondering if your organization can be better?

We can help you identify understand and improve gaps in your organizations ability to successfully deliver products to the market.

Whether your company needs a more effective Scrum implementation, a roadmap for improvements, or better practices in a specific area like requirements, we offers training and consulting to help.

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Software Acquisitions

Uncertain if the software you’re about to acquire supports business objectives?

At Construx, we’ve performed over 400 independent software evaluations. We dig deep into the architecture and code to give you objective, expert analysis that helps you avoid surprises.

We tailor our reports to both non-technical and technical audiences. We also perform reviews for organizations that need an independent view of the quality of their systems.

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Whether it’s a missed date, missing features, or a miss on quality—no one wants to deliver less than promised or expected. Besides losing the confidence of your markets, unpredictable projects can also cause trust to break down internally.

Whether it’s gaps in your agile adoption, planning, requirements, estimation, or all of the above, we can help.

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Agile in Regulated Industries

Wanting to be more Agile, but worried about still being compliant?

We have worked with FDA regulated companies, companies that need to be SOX compliant, and more.

We’ll help you to be agile in a regulated world.

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Career Pathing

Wondering if your staff have all the knowledge and skills needs to support effective execution?

Our industry-leading Professional Development Ladder and training will help your team and your organization to be more successful.

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