Problems We Solve

Help where you need it most

We have worked with hundreds of clients across numerous industries, and we have seen and helped solve the most common and destructive software development problems. The services we provide and the way we work are based on our expertise and experience, and they are always focused on what you need most. Whether your challenges and goals are at the team level, project level, or organizational level, Construx can help.

Productivity Problems

Construx can help you identify the most beneficial strategy for your company-wide software development. Whether your company needs a more effective Scrum implementation, a highly structured methodology, or a hybrid approach, we will tailor a solution that suits your business needs.

Scrum / Agile Problems

Whether you are scaling a Scrum pilot to a staff of 500 or fine-tuning a Scrum adoption for one team, Construx will help you get the most value from your efforts. We specialize in customizing Scrum adoptions to support business needs. Common challenges include scaling to large projects, supporting better predictability, working in combined hardware/software environments, complying with regulatory requirements, and bringing more agility to longstanding waterfall lifecycle processes.

Technical Problems

Construx has performed over 250 independent software evaluations. We dig deep into the architecture and code to give you objective, knowledgeable analysis that helps you avoid surprises. We tailor our reports to both non-technical and technical audiences. We also perform reviews for organizations that need an independent view into the quality of their own systems.