Agile Transformation

Construx understands that every journey is unique. Are you just starting your Agile journey, reinvigorating a stalled Agile adoption, or having challenges with Agile at scale? We can support your Agile transformation with expert guidance based on real-world experience.

We provide comprehensive offerings to support organizations and teams, because we have found that no two Agile transformation engagements are ever the same. We have expertise in areas including Kanban, Scrum, DevOps, Agile engineering methods, metrics, blending Agile and waterfall practices, and more.

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“We’ve helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals with Agile. Reach out and we will put you on the path to success.”

Jenny Stuart, Construx VP of Consulting

Agile Transformation Services

For some organizations, the end-state of the desired transformation is known, and the path is clear. “We want to move to Scrum, and we need to train the teams.” Other organizations want guidance about which specific Agile practices to use, they need to integrate Agile with larger organization processes, or they want to create metrics to monitor their improvement effort.

Our experience ranges from focused improvements with individual Kanban and Scrum teams to large-scale Agile transformations. Our services that support Agile transformations include:

  • Agile Transformation Planning Workshops and Transition Planning
  • Agile Readiness and Agile Assessments
  • Metrics definition
  • Agile portfolio management

We support organization-level strategy services with on-the-ground implementation services that include:

  • Scrum training and coaching
  • Kanban training and coaching
  • Executive training and coaching

We believe that Agile should be used to enable business outcomes—based on the needs of your specific business. Contact us, and we will work with you to determine the best services for your team’s size, number of locations, current state, and desired end state.

Our Experience

We’ve helped organizations in a wide variety of industries—from nimble, hyper-growth companies to large, established companies working under FDA regulations. We can help you avoid pitfalls and challenges with your Agile transformation.

We help solve problems related to distributed development, large scale product development, working with large legacy systems, digital transformations, and more.

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