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Case Studies

Successful companies trust Construx to improve the way they develop software.

Succeeding with Scrum in an FDA-regulated Environment

Medical technology company BD Biosciences had just released the first version of a new product, which included hardware and software, and were preparing for subsequent clinical versions. The program faced significant budget and schedule commitments, along with the pressures of FDA regulations.

How did Construx help?

Transitioning From Waterfall to Scrum

A large US-based pharmaceutical company had just begun a major new program building a system that would improve its ability to govern its product portfolio. While the organization typically used a waterfall approach on software projects, this program required a different approach. Construx trained and coached what became a 100 person team as they transitioned from waterfall to Scrum.

How did Construx help?

Tripling Productivity With Scrum

A digital content distribution company used by libraries, academic institutions, government and business had just re-architected their main platform. They needed to improve quality and timeliness, plus provide more effective maintenance and support in order to keep the company competitive and growing.

How did Construx help?

Rearchitecting a Critical Product Line

Firstlogic needed to rearchitect its key product line. The VP of Product Development knew that the company’s well-worn processes would not be sufficient for this large-scale project. He was also concerned about the company’s project management expertise.

How did Construx help?

Jumpstarting Organizational Change

MSNBC wanted to take the organization to the next level of efficiency by improving its software engineering practices. The Director of Technology wanted to ensure his staff has input in process, while obtaining independent 3rd party expertise and input on the highest leverage change areas.

How did Construx help?

Improving Organizational Capabilities

Gambro Medolla was in the process of improving its software development processes to support a larger and more complex portfolio. The head of R&D software development wanted a partner to explore options for improvement and assist in the change effort.

How did Construx help?

Moving to Shorter Release Cycles

Liquidnet wanted to ensure its development activities effectively supported the business by implementing cross functional teams that worked together to create release on a short, frequent release schedule.

How did Construx help?

Replacing a Legacy System

ARC wanted to replace its legacy core processing system with a new solution. The organization felt that it was critical to retain the deep domain knowledge of its staff while transitioning to new technologies. The Vice President of Product Engineering wanted to ensure the new project was on the right track and to support the organizational change.

How did Construx help?

Improving Delivery Schedule Predictability

A health care company needed to dramatically improve its ability to consistently and accurately estimate the size, effort, and duration of software development activities for its projects.

How did Construx help?

Adding Project Management Transparency

A successful printing company wanted to improve management visibility in the face of rapid growth and new product opportunities.

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