Adding Project Management Transparency


A successful printing company was experiencing rapid growth along with new product opportunities that significantly exceeded its development capabilities. The company was planning to ship its current product within weeks. To date, the project had been hindered by poor status visibility, rampant requirements changes, and vague and shifting project goals. As a result, the company had serious concerns that the delivery date would not be achieved.

Construx conducted a Project Assessment and found that the company’s concerns about it schedule were well justified. The planned delivery date was months away rather than weeks. Working with the company’s executive management, Construx created a clear roadmap that put the project back on track. Construx’s recommendations included bringing control to requirements work, changes in estimation practices, and a few critical shifts in the responsibilities of key technical and project management leaders.

After implementing these recommendations, the company reached a point that it was able to determine the expected delivery date accurately, and it managed the project to a successful conclusion. The company continued to implement the recommendations beyond this project. The company’s executive management gives a large measure of the credit for its success to the assistance received from Construx.

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