Software Measurement Consulting

Software metrics can be difficult to gather, and often the numbers don’t deliver the intended insight. Construx helps you eliminate the confusion and complexity by creating a simple, meaningful metrics program.

Software Development Questions

Questions and Issues

  • How do we figure out what to measure and how to measure it?
  • We are concerned measurements will result in undesired behaviors
  • We need a useful, usable, and informative software measurement program


Software Consulting Solution

Typical Solution

  • Establish specific goals for measurement
  • Determine the appropriate metrics to provide the information you need
  • Establish scales and meters for the metrics
  • Review performance against measures; monitor for unintended effects of measurements
  • Review and analyze measurement data


Software Consulting Results

Results You Can Expect

  • A metrics program that produces meaningful data that matches the ground truth of your organization and guides projects to success
  • A quantitative understanding of your development organization’s quality and productivity
  • A better way to monitor effectiveness of improvement efforts