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Scrum Tune-Up

Scrum is the most widely adopted Agile methodology in the industry today. But many Scrum implementations fall short of expectations, and initial results often feel like Scrum failure. Construx’s Scrum Tune-up diagnoses problems and helps your team achieve Scrum’s full potential. We focus on mastering the fundamentals, modifying Scrum to fit unique needs, and troubleshooting current practices–to get your team firing on all cylinders.

Software Development Questions

Questions and Issues

  • Our team has adopted Scrum but we are not seeing the results we expected
  • Scrum “by the book” is just not working for us; which parts can we safely change?
  • Scrum worked well with the first team, but as we’ve added more teams it hasn’t gone smoothly
  • Why do other companies seem to be succeeding more with Scrum than we are?


Software Consulting Solution

Typical Solution

  • Review team artifacts (velocity metrics, burndown charts, release roadmap, user stories, etc.)
  • Observe retrospective, demo, and sprint planning sessions
  • Interview team members and stakeholders
  • Provide feedback and coaching to the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and delivery team
  • Recommend changes needed to tailor Scrum to your organization


Software Consulting Results

Results You Can Expect

  • Improved Scrum performance for better quality, visibility, and time to market
  • Improved product backlog and user stories
  • Improved product owner skills to elicit and capture user needs
  • Adoption of new practices like release planning
  • Refinement of existing practices like retrospectives to ensure continuous improvement
  • Connection of Scrum to organization-wide processes like QA audits and governance models
  • Improved estimation techniques
  • Improved velocity metrics