Organizational Assessment

You know your organization can do better—and it needs to do better if you want to stay competitive. Where do you start, and what are the highest leverage improvement areas? Drawing on our work with hundreds of leading companies, Construx takes you through a structured process focused on your specific business challenges. The result? An improvement strategy, prioritized and tailored to your specific needs, targeted to take your organization to the next level.

Questions and Issues

  • We need to improve our software development organization and want to be sure we’re focusing on the highest leverage areas
  • We want to know what is working for other companies, and what pitfalls to avoid
  • We need a neutral party to listen and sort out the varied issues that are causing us problems
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Typical Solution

Our assessment process is designed to allow us to a do a “deep dive” into your organization, laying a groundwork for obtaining buy-in to the assessment results, while minimizing any disruptive impact on your staff. In our organizational assessment, we:

  • Provide an easy-to use web survey to gather information from everyone in your organization about your current processes and practices
  • Review and analyze your work products to create a set of preliminary focus issues to guide the interview process (we review materials including estimates, project plans, designs, standards, source code, test cases)
  • Conduct in-depth, onsite interviews with select personnel
  • Provide incremental findings and preliminary copies of the assessment report for your consideration and input
  • Work together to craft actionable recommendations to achieve your business goals
  • Present findings and recommendations to your company executives
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Results You Can Expect

  • Identification of your current organizational strengths
  • Insights into current challenges impeding your ability to achieve business goals
  • Prioritized, high-leverage recommendations for the new practices, techniques, approaches, and other changes that can help you achieve your goals
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