Large Distributed Product Development with Scrum

It’s relatively easy to use Scrum on a single, co-located team, but what works well in the small can be challenging when applied at scale. Projects or product development efforts with ten, fifteen, twenty, or more teams are common today. The fact that this is common doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Why It’s Difficult

Scrum is a project management approach used by a single team. Classic Scrum alone isn’t enough to manage the work of multiple teams across multiple geographies. Additional roles—such as a Chief Product Owner—events, and practices are necessary to make it work.

Of course, it’s not just about Scrum. Large projects have always been more challenging than small projects: coordination is harder, architecture must be considered more carefully, and dependency management is challenging. As a result, consistency across the teams is important, and the teams’ work must be integrated into a fully functional system frequently. Development challenges at scale are just not the same as those for a team or a couple of teams working closely together.

How We Help

Depending on your situation, Construx can help in numerous ways:

  • Our Organizational or Project Assessment will identify gaps in your scaled Scrum adoption and provide prioritized recommendations.
  • We can help you choose and successfully use one of the many powerful scaling frameworks available.
  • Our Scaling Scrum course will help you identify changes needed to improve collaboration, quality, and value delivery.
  • Our customizable mix of consulting, coaching, and online and in-person training will ensure that your product development team is set up to succeed.

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Why Choose Construx

Construx does not believe that one specific framework (for example, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, or DAD) is right for everyone. We use our practical experience with hundreds of clients to help our clients choose what works for them. Our focus is helping organizations meet large-project challenges by implementing the unique changes needed in their unique contexts. We have decades of experience helping organizations facing large-project challenges.


Construx has several white papers that provide additional context, details, and information.

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