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Standard Estimation Procedure

We offer this workshop privately at your location as well as at our Bellevue, WA campus.

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Standard Estimation Procedure

Many organizations struggle to estimate their projects effectively. Late surprises, canceled projects, or projects that seem to slip continuously are common symptoms of poor estimation. Construx believes that software project success can be the norm. Good estimation practices are required for such success.

Construx will help you build an effective estimation process that has the following attributes:

  • Multiple estimation points occur throughout the life of a project.
  • The estimates include ranges, not only fixed points.
  • The estimation ranges decrease as the project moves forward.
  • There is an incremental commitment to at least one side of the “Iron Triangle”: feature set, schedule, or cost.

Engagement Activities

The following activities occur as part of developing a Standard Estimation Procedure:

  • Software Estimation course (two days). This course ensures a deep understanding of the whys and wherefores of software estimation. The team learns what options exist for introducing better estimation practices.
  • Software Estimation Process workshop (two days). In this facilitated workshop, the key players and stakeholders agree on how and when estimation will be done for your organization’s software projects. The process includes measures on performance. The workshop results in the core content of an agreed-upon estimation process.

This engagement is often followed by customized estimation training throughout the organization or by providing staff access to the estimation courses in Construx OnDemand.


At the end of this four-day session, you will have:

  • A shared understanding of the estimation practices your organization will use.
  • A set of points throughout the project lifecycle when estimates will occur and a description of which estimates techniques will be used.
  • Agreement of all key players on the new estimation process.


The key players in determining how estimation should be done in the future in your organization. This group should include people that will create and consume the estimates.


Curious about what a Standard Estimation Procedure is? Contact us for our Standard Estimation Procedure practices paper.


2-3 day workshop