WFH in the Age of Coronavirus: Infographic

WFH in the Age of Coronavirus

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How has work changed due to the coronavirus pandemic? We asked how life has changed for software professionals who are now working from home.

We’ve highlighted some of the lessons we gained from more than 8000 comments on what is working today and tips for the future.

About the Report

Construx Software, led by industry thought leader Steve McConnell, surveyed hundreds of software professionals to determine the effect that working from home (WFH) during the coronavirus pandemic is having on software development. Our survey explored changes in communication and the impact on individuals, on teamwork, on leaders’ ability to lead, and on specific technical practices.

The context was sobering, with most respondents reporting that they felt more disruption from personal stress related to coronavirus than they did from any aspect of changes related to working from home.

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WFH in the Age of Coronavirus Infographic