More Effective Agile, Part 1: Steve McConnell Describes the Key Principles of His New Book


In the first of a series of episodes sharing crucial information from Steve McConnell’s new book, More Effective Agile, Steve and Mark begin to describe the 28 key principles you need to understand to reap the full benefits of effective Agile.

The principles discussed in this episode include the following: “Inspect and Adapt.” Agile is an empirical approach that depends on learning from experience. This requires creating opportunities to reflect periodically and make adjustments based on experience. “Start with Scrum.” Scrum is not necessarily the final destination on an Agile journey, but it is the most-structured, best-supported place to start. “Build Cross-Functional Teams.” Work on Agile projects occurs within self-managed teams. To be self-managed, teams must include the full set of skills needed to make well-informed decisions that are binding on the organization. “Integrate Testers into the Development Teams.” Tighten the feedback loop between development and test by having the people doing the work work more closely together.

Check out the stellar reviews of the book here! More Effective Agile: A Roadmap for Software Leaders (Construx Press, 2019)