More Effective Agile, Part 7: Create and Use a Definition of Done; Maintain a Releasable Level of Quality; Use Automated Tests, Created by the Development Team


Steve McConnell continues to describe the 28 key principles in his new book, More Effective Agile (Construx Press, 2019). The principles described this time:

“Create and Use a Definition of Done.” A good Definition of Done helps catch incomplete or faulty work early, minimizing the gap between defect insertion and detection. (See page 157 in the book.)

“Maintain a Releasable Level of Quality.” Maintaining a releasable level of quality helps catch additional defects that slip through an earlier DoD. (See page 160.)

“Use Automated Tests, Created by the Development Team.” Automated tests help to minimize the defect detection gap. Making everyone on the team responsible for the tests reinforces the idea that quality is everyone’s responsibility. (See page 168.)