WFH in the Age of Coronavirus: Lessons for Today and Tomorrow


Construx Software recently surveyed software professionals to determine the effect that working from home (WFH) during the coronavirus pandemic is having on software development. Our survey explored changes in communication and the impact on individuals, on teamwork, on leaders’ ability to lead, and on specific technical practices. The survey was conducted from April 7 to April 22, 2020, with 624 respondents participating from 63 countries.

The context was sobering, with most respondents reporting that they felt more disruption from personal stress related to coronavirus than they did from any aspect of changes related to working from home. The responses to WFH were more surprising. Respondents detailed dozens of creative adaptations that are allowing them to WFH effectively. Some of the adaptations are specific to this time. Others offer lessons that will help companies improve their operations long into the future—with benefits that more than offset the challenges.

Future speculation aside, respondents also described a new world now. They described people being kind and supporting, and they described unexpected staff members rising to the occasion. Many described participating in virtual coffee meetings, happy hours, and team chats to stay connected. One respondent wrote that, “The whole world has become a friendlier, more caring place.” Another wrote, “There is a lot more humanity than we thought.”

Our survey was focused specifically on software professionals. However, we believe most of the findings are broadly applicable to all companies with staff and leaders who WFH.

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