More Effective Agile, Part 3: Steve McConnell Describes the Key Principles of His New Book


Third in our series in which Steve McConnell describes the 28 key principles in his new book, More Effective Agile (Construx Press, 2019). The principles discussed this time:

Tighten Feedback Loops.” Don’t take any longer to learn lessons than you need to; keep the feedback loops as tight as possible. This supports more rapid progress from the “Inspect and Adapt” key principle and faster improvements in effectiveness from the “Develop a Growth Mindset” key principle. (See page 89 in the book.)

Fix the System, Not the Individual.” Most software professionals want to do good work. If they aren’t doing good work—and especially if it seems like they’re trying not to do good work—understand what dynamics are contributing to that. Look for the system problem that’s frustrating the person. (See page 98 in the book.)

Increase Team Capacity by Building Individual Capacity.” Teams exhibit attributes that are a combination of the team members’ individual attributes and of their interactions. Strengthen your teams by strengthening the individuals on the teams. (See page 103 in the book.)

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