product envisioning overview

Product Envisioning Overview

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Learn how to clearly align your team’s effort with your stakeholders’ desired business outcomes.

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About Product Envisioning Overview

  Duration: 1.5-2.0 hours
  Resources: Workbook, Section Guides, Knowledge Checks, Key Points, Practices Papers

The first step in effectively envisioning your product is focusing on users and business outcomes. Impact mapping lets you determine and provide the most important benefits (impacts) to the business—to make sure you’re building the right thing! By collaborating to answer only four questions described by this course, senior technical and business people can provide a simple visualization of your product’s scope that leads everyone clearly back through impacts and actors to the business’s goals. This course will also show you how to quantify the goals revealed by your impact mapping.

Organizations lacking a clear product vision struggle because people aren’t aligned on what they think is important. Your product vision should reflect the aspirations and values of your organization and product, and it should also present an image of what success looks like. You’ll learn what makes a good product vision and multiple techniques for creating one, including the elevator pitch, the product box, and Lean Canvas. You’ll also see that impact mapping gives you a huge head start on creating effective product visions and road-mapping your product.

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Getting Started
  • Introduction by Steve McConnell, author of CODE COMPLETE
  • Course Objectives and Organization
Product Envisioning Overview
  • What Is an Impact Map?
  • RESOURCE: Practices Paper, Stakeholder Analysis
  • Quantifying Map Goals
  • RESOURCE: Practices Paper, Landing Zones
Envisioning the Product
  • What Is a Good Product Vision?
  • RESOURCE: Practices Paper, Product Vision
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • The Product Box
  • Lean Canvas
From Impact Map to…
  • From Lean Impact Map to Product Vision
  • From Impact Map to Product Roadmap
Looking Ahead
  • Envisioning Artifacts as Inputs for Agile Release Planning

Your instructor—Jenny Stuart—has designed this course to help you deal with common problems that consume your team’s creativity and energy:

  • An unclear product vision is causing confusion and/or conflict between stakeholders and the delivery team.
  • An unclear product vision is elongating the schedule because people can’t focus on what’s most important to deliver first.
  • Because the business problem/need isn’t clear to everyone, each person has a different image of success and the project is swinging from one goal to another.
  • Because the business problem/need isn’t clear to everyone, a long list of features is reducing the team’s ability to find a truly creative solution to the problem.

This course is for teams, leadership, and stakeholders who want to ensure alignment and build plans based on business outcomes and a clear vision.

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Your Instructor

Jenny Stuart
Senior Fellow

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Excellent course as usual. I’ve been in the industry for 20+ years, working on a lot of waterfall projects, scrum-buts, scrum-so-close, scrum-in-standup-name-only, etc., with a number of gaps in how scrum ought to be implemented. I think that all of those gaps are now filled, and I feel confident pushing for the unadulterated process as a must in future projects. There were some poignant revelations on the user story topic, wbs, story mapping and estimation within scrum.

Albert Hickman, Deal Hub

The content was very well structured and maintained a consistent level of abstraction across the entire course.

John Stuart, Astronics

I appreciated the nuances highlighted in each presentation. They have helped gain an appreciation for some of the methods of customizing Scrum to fit the needs of the team or project.

Garry Champ, Microchip



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