agile requirements modeling

Agile Requirements Modeling

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Learn five models for determining and communicating requirements on agile projects.

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About Agile Requirements Modeling

  Duration: 2h 58m
  Resources: Course Workbook

Collaboration is key in agile development, and models are a proven method for people to communicate and share ideas. This course shows you how to use five models—the context model, use case, activity model, domain model, and state model—to help discover and communicate requirements on agile projects. Each course section describing a different model includes a “Find the User Stories” lesson. The course starts from the overall context of the work and gets into the details of how a status changes over time. Detailed steps and illustrations will guide you as you create your own requirement models.

This course is a deeper dive into the requirements topic than in our general requirement courses “Software Requirements” and “Agile Requirements.”

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After you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Start using models on your team for faster, more accurate communication
  • Know when to break formal modeling rules for more agile development
  • Model only what you need rather than build models for models’ sake
  • Link models together for a more complete picture

This course has been designed to walk you through your first context model by analyzing the detail of the domain information and then through the creation of work flows. You’ll be answering the following questions:

  • What is in and out of scope? Addressed by the context model.
  • Who are the consumers and what are their interactions with the system? Addressed by the use case.
  • How does work flow through the business? Addressed by the activity model.
  • What information and business rules are important to keep? Addressed by the domain model.
  • What are the rules about changing the status of a business object? Addressed by the state model.

This course is for product owners and development team members who are trying to discover and communicate the requirements for a work development effort.

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Earl Beede
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