Total Project Quality

Total Project Quality

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About this course

From project inception, a focus on quality through planning, execution, and delivery can help improve software project cost, schedule, and functionality. This three-day course shows you how to define quality in specific terms with a focus on how to decide what is “good enough” for a particular project. You will learn to align project activities to achieve quality throughout the project lifecycle — including numerous alternatives to end-of-project testing.


You will learn to define quality in detail, clearly and verifiably, and to identify multiple and supportive ways to achieve your desired level of quality. You will balance early and late fault detection and integrate quality-related tasks with overall project goals.

Who should take this course

This course is for individuals charged with ensuring or improving software product quality. This includes QA managers and leads, test managers and leads, development managers and leads, project managers, architects, and other development team members who want to improve the quality of their software products.