Become a Certified Professional Scrum Master

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Construx has partnered with to provide Construx seminar attendees with an opportunity to take a assessment free of charge and potentially qualify for the Professional Scrum Master Certification I (PSM I).

Whether you’re interested in certification or just the most practical hands-on Scrum training available, Construx agile training is the best in the industry:

Quote Graphic “I really appreciated that the content was geared to our organization and we were allowed to discuss our challenges and issues. Earl was very engaging! He kept my interest the whole time and is the perfect combination of expert, geek, and comedian.” — Heidi Shae, Newmarket International

“Melvin is an excellent instructor. He clearly and concisely delivered an incredible amount of information. He is articulate and patient. I enjoyed being in his class very much.”  — Megan Suggs, Alere Wellbeing

“John is an excellent instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable on the topic

[Scrum] and presents it in such an accessible manner.”  — Susan James

“Alex is a phenomenally effective instructor. He radiates enthusiasm and confidence in his material. He clearly enjoys envangelizing and advocating for Scrum, and the way he engages the students shows it.” — Kent Lottis, Inrix

Excellent course! Love the Jenny humor; she is a great instructor who is fully in control. Can she be our scrum master?” — Raymond Potts, Baker Hughes logo is a widely-respected Scrum training and credentialing organization. The PSM I certification was established by Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum. PSM I requires a minimum score on an assessment of Scrum knowledge. Because PSM I distinguishes between those who know Scrum and those who don’t, it has been rapidly gaining esteem and adoption in the industry.

Combining skills learned during Construx training with’s industry-standard assessments makes a winning combination critical in today’s job market: great training, rigorous assessments, and widely-recognized certifications.