Scrum Essentials for Leaders

Scrum Essentials for Leaders

We offer this course privately at your location, online, virtually, and at our Bellevue, WA campus.

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About this course

This one-day course provides a comprehensive overview of Scrum to individuals who need to support Scrum teams and the organization in its transition to Scrum. You will gain an understanding of how the work is estimated, planned, and executed in Scrum projects, enabling you to contribute more effectively in the success of your projects. You will also learn key strategies to align and define governance with Scrum projects and to form and maintain  self-organizing, cross-functional development teams. This course in not intended for individuals who are performing any of the three Scrum roles. For these individuals, we recommend our Scrum Boot Camp seminar.


Learn to:

  • Describe the Scrum framework and highlight its benefits
  • Describe how work is estimated, planned, and executed in projects using Scrum
  • Assess project progress and forecast completion based on Scrum artifacts
  • Implement strategies to improve delegation and empowerment
  • Apply strategies to form cross-functional, self-organizing teams

Who Should Take This Course

  • Project Manager, Program Manager, QA Manager, Test Manager
  • Technical Lead, QA Lead, Test Lead
  • Other managers or executive supporting Scrum