Construx Public Software Seminar

Public Software Development Seminars

Our high-impact public software training is led by some of the world’s best-known, most-accomplished software leaders. Our training is designed to be a firehose to the brain, accelerating the software capability of you and your business. Proving that intensive learning can be also be fun, participants have reported that Construx’s comfortable, state-of-the-art training facility gave them the most productive, enjoyable training experience they have ever had. For intact teams, Construx’s private, onsite seminars are a more cost effective option. But when you need training for a few people at a time, Construx’s public seminars can provide some of the most valuable time you’ll ever spend away from the office.

Why Choose Public Software Training?

Fresh perspective. Our instructors will help to challenge your thinking and create new ideas–and so will other attendees.

Stimulating environment. Construx’s state-of-the-art training facility gives you a chance to immerse yourself deeply in your chosen area, without the constant distractions found in most office environments.

Expert instruction. Our instructors are experts in their subject areas, and they are trained to zero in on your specific challenges.

Network with peers; share challenges, solutions, and insights. Spend time cross-pollinating with people from other companies facing the same problems. Compare notes; learn about what they’ve tried–what has worked for them, and why.

Try before you buy. Attending one of our public seminars is an excellent way to review a specific class before bringing it onsite for a private seminar at your location.