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Learn how can you make Scrum more effective in your organization. Let our experience with hundreds of teams illuminate the path for your team.

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About More Effective Scrum

  Duration: 1.5 – 3 day course
  Resources: Workbook

This course provides everything you need to know to ensure your transition to Scrum is successful and to become certified in Scrum.

In the years since the Agile Manifesto, Scrum has emerged as the most popular Agile process for managing software development projects. As more companies are switching to Scrum, however, many are still struggling.

Construx’s highly rated Scrum training guides you through the detailed ins and outs that you need to succeed with Scrum. This course combines key aspects from Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner training plus specific best practices based upon the instructor’s direct experience on Scrum transitions and extensive lessons learned from Construx’s consulting engagements.

What is Scrum?

  • Agile origins, principles, and benefits
  • A brief history of Scrum
  • Scrum philosophy and theory
  • What makes Scrum different?

Why Scrum Works

  • A simple process
  • A committed, self-managed team
  • Transparency: nowhere to hide
  • Finishing what you start
  • Continual improvement

Scrum Roles

  • The Scrum Master
  • The Product Owner
  • The Team Member
  • Stakeholders
  • Levels of Commitment

Scrum Processes and Meetings

  • Release Planning
  • Sprint Planning
  • The Daily Standup
  • The Sprint Review
  • The Sprint Retrospective

Scrum Artifacts

  • The Product Backlog
  • The Sprint Backlog
  • The Release Burndown
  • The Sprint Burndown

Scrum Best Practices

  • Timeboxing: Nothing Concentrates The Mind…
  • Commitment: “Either Do or Do Not; There Is No Try”
  • Working Agreements: This Is How We Do It
  • Acceptance Criteria And The Definition of Done
  • There Is No ‘I’ in Team

Spinning Up Scrum

  • Selecting the Product Owner
  • Creating a product backlog
  • Setting up the Scrum team
  • Planning the release
  • Launching the first sprint

Life During Sprint Time

  • A day in the life of a Scrum team
  • A day in the life of a Scrum Master
  • A day in the life of a Product Owner

Tracking Progress: Scrum Metrics

  • Whiteboards or software?
  • How is your iteration going?
  • Exposing and removing impediments
  • When are you going to release?
  • Are you improving?

Something’s Rotten: Scrum Smells

  • Scrum (Task) Masters
  • The Product Dictator
  • The Tyranny of the Urgent
  • They’re Just Not That Into It: When the Team Fails to Meet Commitments
  • Self-Unmanaged Teams
  • Just give me the fish!
  • When burndowns don’t
  • The plague known as ‘Scrum-But’

Learning to Fly

  • Scrum is simple but not easy
  • Best practices are still applicable
  • The importance of sprint retrospectives
  • Hyperperformance: Scrum team dynamics
  • Scaling Scrum

You will gain a deep understanding of Scrum processes and roles and how they apply to software development. You will learn how to staff your Scrum team, plan your release, launch your project, and guide your project to a successful conclusion.

Through this course your team will learn:

  • Details about the Scrum process and its underlying principles
  • Keys to successfully plan, launch, and execute your first Scrum project
  • Specific techniques to handle common issues that hinder or derail many Scrum implementations
  • Best practices that increase team productivity, resulting in lower project cost and reduced time to market

This course is designed for personnel who will lead, participate in, or support commercial Scrum projects, including:

  • Team Members
  • Software Engineering Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Leaders
  • Program Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Entire teams transitioning to Scrum

We offer our courses online, privately at our training facility in Seattle, or at your location.

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“It’s more than just a course. Everything is tailored to the needs of your team, no matter the circumstances. You’ll learn how to become more effective at Scrum through our extensive experience with literally hundreds of organizations.”

Steve McConnell, Author of More Effective Agile