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Design Pattern Essentials

We offer this course privately at your location, online, virtually, and at our Bellevue, WA campus.

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About this course

Design patterns made understandable! Design patterns are powerful, predefined solutions to common software design problems. Patterns provide a powerful form of reuse because they are transportable across different languages and software architectures. This seminar introduces and explains the highest-leverage design patterns in a clear way that’s easy to understand. You will learn how to use specific design patterns to improve your designs, and you will practice applying design patterns to sample design problems. You will also see how design patterns can improve your design process overall.

Who Should Take This Course

This seminar will benefit programmers, designers, technical leads, and anyone who needs to learn how to apply design patterns in modern software development projects. Attendees should have a basic understanding of object oriented software and be able to read Java, C++, or C# code.