System Evaluation

Green Screen Code

Is your software’s capabilitiy and quality compatible with your business goals? Common situations where a Construx evaluation is useful include:

  • Concern the system architecture won’t scale
  • Ongoing difficulty maintaining and extending software to meet customer needs (i.e., technical debt)
  • project is at-risk and the state of the software is unknown

Our team uses a combination of tool analysis, reviews of code and other materials, and interviews with key team members to characterize risk and provide specific recommendations for strengthening your software.

We have experience answering questions across a broad range of systems:

  • Comparison against industry best practices for build, automated test, release, and operational issues
  • Characterizing the risks to modifying the system to support new functionality
  • Identifying potential weaknesses in performance and scalability
  • Providing an independent viewpoint on the trade offs made to meet business constraints
  • Risks to internationalization, portability, or other specific questions
  • Exposure of potential security risks

Looking to improve your software? Contact Construx for a system evaluation.