Struggling Agile Adoptions

Have you transitioned to Scrum or Kanban—or both—but haven’t seen the benefits you expected? You’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to improve quality, predictability, or productivity—or all of them!—Construx can help. Contact us today to learn about our custom solutions for improving your team’s or organization’s Agile adoption.

It’s a Common Challenge

Although many companies have seen benefits from their Agile adoption, people often feel it’s just not working as well as it could. They describe the situation like this:

  • “The veneer of Agile.”
  • “Scrum theatre.”
  • “Waterfall masquerading as Scrum.”
  • “Agile-fall.”

Our work with companies in a wide diversity of industries around the world has shown us many common gaps in Scrum adoptions, Kanban adoptions, and DevOps initiatives. In other words, if you believe your adoption isn’t a mature as it needs to be, you’re probably right.

How We Help

Each Agile improvement effort is unique by necessity—our recommended changes are in response to your unique context and needs—but most include some or all of the following:

  • Scrum or Kanban training to ensure a shared understanding of the choose Agile approach.
  • Kanban team coaching to build or refine the client’s Kanban system, including deliverables, workflow, exit criteria, work-in-process limits, and metrics.
  • Scrum team coaching. This includes refining the Product Backlog and clarifying requirements to enable successful Sprint Planning for the first Sprint. We also work with team members and stakeholders to establish effective policies around communications and work practices (both within the team and across the project).
  • Training on new technical practices, such as automated testing, DevOps, and TDD.
  • Leadership training and coaching to support improvements.
  • Coaching to implement additional roles, techniques, practices, and events needed for large projects or products.

We will work with you to determine the best approach given your team’s size, number of locations, current state, and desired end state. Contact us now to see how we can help or for more information on the services we offer.


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