Software Engineering Benchmark

Knowing how your organization stacks up against best-in-class organizations can be key to spurring improvements and inspiring the confidence of your customers. Our structured Software Engineering Benchmark consulting breaks down software engineering best practices into a set of knowledge areas based on IEEE, SEI, and PMI standards–and gives you straight answers plus recommendations aligned with your business objectives.

Software Development Questions

Questions and Issues

  • We need to demonstrate how well our development team is doing
  • We want to know how well our company is doing compared to other companies
  • We need to show customers we have the capacity to provide the critical software they need
  • We want deeper understanding of our current capabilities and an action plan for improving our capabilities


Software Consulting Solution

Typical Solution

  • Provide an easy-to-use web survey to everyone in your organization to gather information about your process and practices
  • Review and analyze your work products (estimates, project plans, designs, standards, source code, test cases) to create a set of preliminary focus issues to guide the interview process
  • Conduct in-depth onsite interviews with select personnel and phone interviews with key technical staff to discuss design and coding practices
  • Analyze your current practices and rate your team in the knowledge areas of configuration management, process, construction, quality, design, requirements, engineering management, testing, maintenance, tools and technology


Software Consulting Results

Results You Can Expect

  • A benchmark of your current software engineering practices and performance
  • Awareness of how your company compares to other companies developing similar kinds of software
  • A specific ranking in each knowledge area
  • Identification of your current organizational strengths
  • Insights into current challenges impeding your ability to achieve business goals
  • Prioritized, high-leverage recommendations for the new practices, techniques, approaches, and other changes that can help you achieve your goals