Agile Metrics

Metrics help ensure you are meeting your goals for productivity, market competitiveness, agile adoption, quality, customer satisfaction, and other objectives. Every company wants metrics, but challenges arise in identifying what, exactly, to measure, and how to measure it. Challenges range from:

  • Metrics that are not measuring the intended business factor
  • Lots of data that doesn’t provide enough insight
  • Reliability of the data is questionable
  • Lack of clarity about what aspects of a measurement program need to change when transitioning to Agile development

Construx will help you reach clarity and confidence in your data by creating a simple, meaningful set of metrics tailored for your unique situation.

“We’ve helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals with Agile. Reach out and we will put you on the path to success.”

Jenny Stuart, Construx VP of Consulting

Your Goals Matter Most

We want to understand your goals and help you choose and adopt the right metrics for you. We’ll start by understanding your current situation and any metrics you are already using, which ideally include top-level (board-level) business metrics.

Armed with that context along with the goals for the updated Agile metrics system, Construx will collaborate with you to define new software metrics that achieve your goals. Construx will provide industry benchmarking data (where available) to support establishing sensible, achievable targets for your metrics.


At the end of an engagement, you’ll have a set of Agile metrics including:

  • Clear goals about why you are collecting the specific data you are collecting
  • Traceability from top-level business metrics into organization-level and team-level software metrics
  • Description and guidance on metric usage
  • Formula definition, typical values and/or distributions, and measurement targets (when appropriate and available)

Construx will provide additional support as you deploy these new metrics throughout your organization.

Whether you are seeking to understand productivity, better delight your customers, improve code quality, or assess the impact of an Agile transformation, we can help. Contact us for a set of useful, meaningful metrics.

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