Enterprise Agile/Scaling Scrum

Deploying Agile working on one team can be hard. Scaling Agile across an enterprise of thousands multiplies complexity. Construx Enterprise Agile Consulting helps ensure consistency while still supporting empowered teams. Our Enterprise Agile Consulting aligns Agile with your governance models and project management oversight.

Software Development Questions

Questions and Issues

  • How can we scale Agile across multiple teams and geographic locations?
  • What do we need to know to implement Agile for teams of 100 people, or 1000?
  • How does Agile fit in with our stage-gate process?
  • We need to maintain compliance–can we still use Agile?
  • What role does the project management office play in Agile development?


Software Consulting Solution

Typical Solution

  • Review your current practices and recommend the Agile approaches that best fit your needs
  • Fine-tune Agile practices to extend your visibility and predictability horizon
  • Create a master plan for the transition to Enterprise Agile
  • Pilot the solution to help you validate and refine the selected Agile approach
  • Rollout the agile solution to the enterprise–to development teams, test/qa staff, product managers, project managers, and other participants in software/product development


Software Consulting Results

Results You Can Expect

Agile adoption recommendations report that includes

  • A well-defined adoption plan for implementing Agile throughout the enterprise that accommodates your unique organizational constraints and configuration
  • Recommendations for organization-wide changes needed for successful adoption of Agile at scale

Agile enterprise adoption support that provides

  • Training and coaching to individual teams to ensure they are effectively executing the selected Agile methodology
  • Implementation of any multiple team practices necessary to ensure Agile is working across and between teams
  • Refinements to the program/project oversight practices that ensure the organization has visibility into and control over its agile projects
  • Any changes to the current governance process / SDLC needed to successful execute agile projects