Agile Tune-Up

Have you transitioned to Scrum or Kanban—or both—but haven’t seen the benefits you expected? You’re not alone. Many companies talk about struggling Agile adoptions, stalled Agile transformation, or wonder if their business results after a transformation could be better.

Whether you’re trying to improve quality, predictability, or productivity—or all of them!—Construx can help.

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“We’ve helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals with Agile. Reach out and we will put you on the path to success.”

Jenny Stuart, Construx VP of Consulting

From One Team to Your Entire Organization

Construx’s Agile Tune-Ups help teams and organizations take the next steps towards the desired outcomes. Agile Tune-Ups can range from:

  • Work with a single Scrum or Kanban team to identify and implement changes necessary to deliver higher quality, increase predictability, or deliver business value more quickly
  • Work with large, distributed Agile teams to identify and fix issues at the team and program level
  • Understand, prioritize, and address challenges facing an entire organization

Contact us today to learn more about how an Agile Tune-Up can help you achieve your goals.

Your Specific Goals Come First

Any Agile tune-up must be ground in the needs of your specific business. We’ve helped companies with their individual goals including:

  • Succeeding with large, geographically distributed teams
  • Using Agile practices in regulated industries
  • Updating older Agile implementations
  • Working toward continuous delivery
  • Adapting Agile practices for use in legacy environments
  • Implementing Agile practices in combined hardware/software environments
  • Providing better predictability in Agile environments
  • Updating older stage/gate process to include Agile practices

These are just a few of the goals we’ve helped with. Construx recognizes that every company is unique, so each engagement is customized to your specific needs. We craft recommendations designed to help you achieve your specific goals, while also drawing on our experiences with a wide and diverse set of organizations.

Contact us today to learn more about how an Agile Tune-Up can help you achieve your goals.

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