Agile Effectiveness Review and Recommendations

Our Agile Effectiveness Review and Recommendations ensures that you are getting the most from your Agile adoption—no matter where you are on your Agile journey.

Whether you are just kicking off an Agile transformation, jumpstarting a stalled adoption, or seeking a higher level of performance, we can help.

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“We’ve helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals with Agile. Reach out and we will put you on the path to success.”

Jenny Stuart, Construx VP of Consulting

We’ve Seen It Before

We’ve worked with companies across many industries and around the world. We’ve helped companies with goals including:

  • Succeeding with large, geographically distributed teams
  • Using Agile practices in regulated industries
  • Updating older Agile implementations
  • Working toward continuous delivery
  • Adapting Agile practices for use in legacy environments
  • Implementing Agile practices in combined hardware/software environments
  • Providing better predictability in Agile environments
  • Updating older stage/gate process to include Agile practices

These are just a few of the goals we’ve helped with. Construx recognizes that every company is unique, so each engagement is customized to your specific needs. We craft recommendations designed to help you achieve your specific goals, while also drawing on our experiences with a wide and diverse set of organizations.

Our Review and Recommendation Process

Our structured review process is designed to do a “deep dive” into your organization, laying the groundwork for obtaining buy-in to the assessment results, while minimizing any disruption to your staff.

In our Agilve Effectivness Review and Recommendations, we:

  • Ensure that we understand your specific goals
  • Provide an easy-to-use web survey to gather information from your organization about your current practices
  • Review and analyze your work products to create a set of preliminary focus areas to guide our in-depth interview process
  • Conduct focused onsite interviews and video interviews with select personnel
  • Provide draft findings for your consideration and input
  • Work together, iteratively to craft actionable recommendations to achieve your business goals
  • Present findings and recommendations to your company executives, if desired

What You Can Expect

Construx’s Agile Assessments provide prioritized, high-impact recommendations for the changes that will help your team become more effective. You’ll understand how those recommendations will help you overcome current challenges and leverage opportunities.

We’ll put you on a path towards better project outcomes, product outcomes, and release outcomes.

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