Agile Adoption

Each organization is different, with unique challenges, objectives, and constraints. Pre-defined methodologies work well in some circumstances, but they are not always best for every organization. If you’re interested in adopting Agile software development practices, we will help you select and tailor the Agile practices best suited for your unique environment.

Agile Adoption

Questions and Issues

  • We are a unique organization, and we are not sure that “by the book” Scrum will work for us
  • We need to improve our predictability, while also becoming more Agile
  • We want to understand which Agile practices are the best fit for us
  • We need to use Scrum in an enterprise environment, and we aren’t sure how to scale it confidently
  • We’re receiving mixed messages from our teams using Agile; we’d like to gain more confidence that our Agile practices are actually working
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Typical Solution

  • Evaluate your current practices to determine how to most effectively add Agile to the mix
  • Assess your Agile-related business objectives
  • Recommend specific business planning practices, Agile practices, and software lifecycles that work well together, that work well with your existing practices, and that will help you achieve your objectives
Agile Adoption

Results You Can Expect

  • Selection of an overall approach to Agile development that will meet the needs of your projects and programs
  • Integration of Agile practices within your larger business context, that is, supporting your needs for upfront estimation, design, and planning
  • Detailed guidance about effective requirements practices in Agile (which are a common trouble spot)
  • Recommendations for management techniques and practices appropriate to Agile development–in ways that support your business