Demonstration Semantic Model Editor-Compiler

The JAL Model Editor-Compiler is a free demonstration semantic model editor and compiler that helps automate model-based software engineering as described in the book How to Engineer Software (Wiley-IEEE Press, 2019). This tool is implemented in Eclipse Java, familiarity with Java development, the Eclipse interactive development environment, semantic modeling, and open model compilation are assumed.

This software is being distributed “as-is”. No warrantee is expressed or implied. While the author believes this tool give correct answers, the user assumes all risk of use.

This material is Copyright © 2019 Stephen R Tockey. Permission is hereby given to copy, adapt, and distribute this material as long as this notice is included on all such materials and the materials are not sold, licensed, or otherwise distributed for commercial gain.

  • JAL model editor source code is a .zip file of the source code for the semantic model editor (version 5.3).
  • JAL Model Compiler Source Code is a .zip file of the source code for the semantic model compiler (version 5.3).
  • JAL User’s Guide is the user’s guide describing how to configure and use the model editor and compiler.
  • JAL Input Output Example is a description of the kind of input to, and the corresponding output from, the model compiler.
  • Semantic Models Class Diagram is a screen capture of the class diagram for the semantic modeling language. This is part of the semantic model of semantic modeling in Appendix L, Semantics of Semantic Modeling. This class model is the basis for the core software design of both the model editor and the model compiler.

Additional resources are available on the JAL Model Editor Compiler DropBox page.

These resources include latest versions of editor-compiler source code and user documentation (should they be updated beyond what is available here) and several already-built & executable models. Start with the README.txt file.