Code Complete

by Steve McConnell

Capturing the body of knowledge available from research, academia, and everyday commercial practice, Code Complete synthesizes the most effective software construction techniques and must-know principles into clear, pragmatic guidance. Recognized as one of the best practical guides to programming, the classic Code Complete was fully revised for this edition to feature leading-edge practices and hundreds of new code samples. Updates include web and object-oriented development, agile practices, and more. Topics include design, applying good techniques to construction, eliminating errors, planning, managing construction activities, and relating personal character to superior software. Applicable to all experience levels and development environments, Code Complete will help you build the highest quality code for any size project.

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About the Author

Steve McConnell is an internationally recognized thought leader on software development best practices. He is the author of several best-selling books, including the highly influential Code Complete, often cited as the most popular software development book of all time. His books have sold more than one million copies overall and have been translated into 20 languages.

Steve founded Construx in 1996 to help companies apply proven best practices to their software development. In his role as CEO and Chief Software Engineer, Steve teaches classes, writes books and articles, and oversees software engineering practices.

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Code Complete by Steve McConnell