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Bob Webber
Senior Fellow

Quick Facts

  • Member of the Executive Committee for Software Engineering
  • Holds 5 Patents
  • Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Innovation Award in 2001

About Bob

Bob Webber is a Senior Fellow at Construx with over 30 years of software experience delivering innovative products in telecommunications, entertainment and life sciences. Bob’s roles have ranged from software developer to executive R&D positions at GTE and AT&T, followed by engineering and product management leadership at three successful start-up companies. As CEO, Bob led TranSenda International to successful acquisition by BioClinica (BIOC), where he became Vice-President of Product Management. His industry experience also includes four years on Steve McConnell’s Executive Committee for Software Engineering.

Bob has an Electrical Engineering degree (honors) from the University of British Columbia. He holds five patents, and received an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award in 1999.


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What Bob Says About Himself

Travel–My wife Susan and I enjoy traveling. We are empty-nesters which provides us with time to go where we want. Susan is an ex-VP of HR who now does leadership coaching part-time. The great thing about Construx is that I have lots of time flexibility – a big change from the corporate world that I left to join Construx. We have done a lot of cruises, and now enjoy smaller and more intimate river cruises. We cruised the Douro River through Portugal last year and learned everything there is to know about port wine. We have trips planned for the Rhine and Nile rivers. Last year we went on the Rocky Mountaineer train that travels through the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia. Here’s a picture of us on a beautiful sunny day in Barcelona, one of our favorite cities.

Dogs–Susan wanted a dog after our kids graduated from college. Here’s a picture of our miniature schnauzer, Roxy. I didn’t realize how much work a puppy is! She is now past the puppy stage and provides a lot of entertainment. You can see from the picture that she looks like a bandit with a mask. That’s fitting because she loves to steal socks to make us chase her!

Exercise–I’ve been a compulsive exerciser all my life. I make sure that I do time on an elliptical machine and do weights at least three times per week.

German–Recently challenged myself to re-learn German on one of those smartphone language apps. I took three years of German in school, but I think I’m more proficient now after using the smartphone app for a few months. Of course, the schooling was helpful because I still had a good understanding of the very complex German grammar and cases.  For our German Construx clients, “Ich hoffe, Sie bald zu sehen und mit Ihnen zu sprechen!”

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