Professional Software Development, by Steve McConnellProfessional Software Development

Are you delivering 90 percent of your software on time, within budget, and fully meeting users' real requirements? Would you like to? Believe it or not, software development can be predictable, controllable, economical, and manageable. Professional Software Development is about the emerging profession of software engineering - and professional software practices that support economical creation of high-quality software. Best-selling author Steve McConnell gives a compelling argument for turning software success into an everyday habit by advancing the software profession itself - at the individual, organizational, and industry levels - dispelling common myths of software development. Programmers,developers, engineers, and anyone else who works in software development will benefit from reading this book.

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About the author

Steve McConnell is an internationally recognized thought leader on software development best practices. He is the author of several best-selling books, including the highly influential Code Complete, often cited as the most popular software development book of all time. His books have sold more than one million copies overall and have been translated into 20 languages. Steve founded Construx in 1996 to help companies apply proven best practices to their software development. In his role as CEO and Chief Software Engineer, Steve teaches classes, writes books and articles, and oversees software engineering practices.