Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The classic waterfall Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)--first define all the requirements, then create all the design--doesn’t work for most organizations today. But what would be better, given your specific organization’s environment and your business goals? Construx provides guidance to improve your SDLC--supporting visibility and predictability, while enabling project teams to align with business objectives and constraints.

Software Development Questions    

Questions and Issues

  • How well is our SDLC really working?
  • Should we introduce a more Agile methodology or Agile practices into our SDLC?
  • What can we do to streamline and simplify our SDLC?
  • How can we best fit our software SDLC within our organization's Product Life Cycle?


    Software Consulting Solution    

    Typical Solution

  • Evaluate your existing SDLC to identify best practice gaps
  • Identify changes that will provide the right level of flexibility to respond to market conditions, but still enable oversight and governance of projects
  • Analysis of what Agile practices and/or approaches can be included in your SDLC 
  • Recommendations for your unique SDLC and situation, not a cookie-cutter solution  


    Software Consulting Results    

    Results You Can Expect

  • Observations on your current SDLC strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of your current process and practice strengths
  • Identify methodology and practice gaps that need to be filled to achieve your goals
  • Provide specific, prioritized recommendations on the changes needed to tailor and tune your SDLC to achieve your business goals
  • Customized findings and recommendations based on your SDLC, organizational constraints, and goals