How do professional testers test software? This course teaches the techniques, tips, tricks, and strategies used by test professionals on both Agile and traditional projects. You will learn and apply numerous detailed test design strategies for black-box (functional) testing and system testing. You will also learn practical techniques for planning, designing, and executing effective testing on real software projects. Determine how much testing is enough for your project, whether your test cases are adequate, and how to minimize wasted testing effort. This seminar emphasizes black box (functional) testing and system testing.

2-day seminar


"This is great information for me and our team. We have items we found in Steve's teaching we can take back and run with. "  -- Kenneth Iwaji, Shell

"Most Valuable: Intro to automated testing, seeing how other companies solve testing dilemmas, getting an idea of how best to improve testing efficiency and effectiveness. Good high level overview of essential tools and considerations for comprehensive testing."  -- Shawnna Christensen, Marshall GIS

"Most valuable: Tips & tricks, best practices. Learning more about  my own organization and how things function. Loved the seminar. I learned a ton of things I will be implementing with my team today!"  -- TK Smith, Costar

"Great session that can be applied to many disciplines other than software. Also learned about many other related subjects, which was great."  -- Alex Milliken, Welch Allyn

"Very excellent class. Really superb in terms of getting you to think about your work habits."  -- Aaron Aklin, WebMD

"Great class, extremely knowledgeable instructor. I learned a lot!!"  -- Beate Blakset, Schlumberger

"The instructor was very well versed and approachable. I really liked the way he taught the material and had no problem stopping to answer questions. He related the material to everyday life very well."  -- Charlie Burgos-Lopez, US Army Research Lab

"Great course, good discussions! Thank you!"  -- Daniel Nientiedt, Schlumberger

"Great seminar. I learned a lot of useful information. Instructor was easy to follow and interesting."  -- Justin Kearsley, Infinity QS

"The training was excellent from my point of view. A lot of new tools that I need to take in consideration to write efficient test cases. VERY GOOD TEACHER!!"  -- Karina Dommar, Schlumberger

"So far, this is probably the best training company I've gone to. Well done!"  -- Hubie Dolan, Milliman Care Guidelines

"Very comprehensive, useful and current materials. Nice to see all the materials being used. "  -- Jeffrey Berghammer, Intel  

"I appreciated the structural suggestions and the terminology/explanations of how and why testing principles apply. Information was very well organized and delivered. Instructor seems to be well-read, well educated and has good information to communicate. Instructor communicated information well even for those of us that are newer to testing and testing terminology."  -- Jamie Jarvis, USANA Health Sciences

"Course was well organized and very worthwhile."  -- Robert Silvernagel, MessageGate



  • Gain a deep understanding of test design strategies for traditional and agile projects
  • Learn techniques for creating the fewest test cases needed to provide the most comprehensive testing
  • Apply risk based testing to understand where to focus testing on a project
  • Use Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)
  • Learn test planning to set expectations within and outside a project team on what and how much testing will be performed

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be useful to testers, test leads, quality assurance engineers, and quality assurance leads. If you're a developer, see Developer Testing Boot Camp.


All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center


  • Making your testing more effective
  • Making your testing more efficient
  • When to plan for testing
  • Relating testing to other software development activities
  • Evaluating test case designs
  • Determining how much testing is enough

Domain Testing

  • Where to find domain specifications
  • Analyzing domain specifications
  • Common domain defects you should test for
  • Designing input domain tests
  • Designing output domain tests
  • Analyzing domain boundaries

Test Case Development

  • Evaluating test case designs
  • Creating test cases from use cases
  • Creating test cases from user stories
  • Behavior driven development (BDD)
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

Performance Testing

  • Performance testing defined
  • Contrast with functional testing
  • Performance testing strategies
  • Common mistakes in performance testing
  • Tool support for performance testing

Usability Testing

  • Elements of usability 
  • Defining usability goals
  • Designing usability test cases
  • Executing usability test cases

Pairwise Testing

  • When pairwise testing is useful
  • Developing pairwise test cases

Risk-based Testing

  • Risk management and testing
  • Project risk vs. product risk
  • Analyzing probabilities and severities
  • Determining risk exposure
  • Addressing risk exposure through testing

Exploratory Testing

  • Exploratory vs. scripted testing
  • When to do exploratory testing
  • Benefits of exploratory testing

Test Automation

  • Improving efficiency of testing with automation
  • Why is test automation harder than just recording and playing back keystrokes?
  • How to get started with data driven test automation
  • Advantages of keyword driven test automation

    Steve Tockey

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