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Agile Transformation Journey

Wherever You Are On Your Agile Journey, 

Construx Can Help

You're ready for it - Agile transformation. You’ve heard about Agile’s benefits, and you know that the risks of not adopting an Agile approach today can be huge. 

Whether you have just one team beginning to experiment with Scrum, or want to take Agile to the entire enterprise, Construx can help. We can provide you with what you need to succeed where others fail.  

Contact us today to learn about our custom solutions for Agile transformations.

Why Choose Construx?

At Construx we've helped with Agile transformations at hundreds of companies from start-ups to enterprises across myriad industries. When you choose Construx, you get access to one of the industry’s best collections of knowledge, skills, and experience. That’s crucial, because a poor implementation of Agile in your organization can be disastrous.

Construx has practical experience with all the popular Scaled Agile frameworks (SAFe, DAD, LeSS, Nexus, etc), so we can tailor an approach to Agile transformation that fits your needs. We’re not looking to sell any particular approach to make money.   


Why Do Agile Transformations Struggle?

Many Agile transformations struggle. After all, Agile transformation usually involves big culture changes, and those can be difficult. You need a coherent but flexible approach that contains the right resources, communication, and training. Grass-roots approaches might work for a while, but Grass-roots transformations usually wither and die.

Another common – and ironic – mistake is when organizations take a waterfall-based approach to Agile transformation. There’s no Gantt chart to change a culture.

These and other mistakes are avoidable. We can help you every step of the way, and we offer unmatched support over the long haul. Contact us to learn how we can put your Agile transformation on the path to success. 

You Know The Benefits of Going Agile

Now let us help you obtain them quickly. Perhaps you have pockets of teams that are successful with Agile but want to get greater consistency and performance throughout your organization. Perhaps there has been too much emphasis on the ‘how’ of Agile and not enough on the ‘why’. Perhaps you’ve just hit a plateau and need help to get climbing again. Whatever the challenge, with our help and guidance your Agile transformation can help you improve throughput, increase quality, build team morale, reduce time to market, increase predictability, and more.

You want every competitive advantage you can get, and we can help you get there.    

We'll help with all the details. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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