From project inception, a focus on quality through planning, execution, and delivery can help improve software project cost, schedule, and functionality. This three-day seminar shows you how to define quality in specific terms with a focus on how to decide what is "good enough" for a particular project. You will learn to align project activities to achieve quality throughout the project lifecycle -- including numerous alternatives to end-of-project testing.

3-day seminar


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"Fantastic training, it is a quantum leap on quality knowledge for me."  -- Alain Samaha, Murex

"I wasn't sure what to expect exactly in coming, I loved the course. I have great tangible action items to bring back to my team."  -- Miles Henley, SAP

"The course has many "best practices" listed which are complied based on several years of 'real' experience. It's great to get it in one place."  -- Avinash Joshi, Citrix Online

"Earl did a great job presenting all the material."  -- Marty Kendrick, City of Tacoma

"Most Valuable: The emphasis on quaity from the beginning as opposed to quality control through testing only."  -- Laurie Roth, Weyerhaeuser

"The labs were applicable, relevant, and helpful."  -- Suzanne Snow, Liquidnet

"There are a lot of take home points that we can implement right away."  -- Kam Chan, Boeing

"Most valuable: The tools I can take back and use with my team to make improvements. The real life examples (or business examples) made it reality. Listening to other in the class (class dialogue) helped see similarities/differences we all have across organizations."  -- Jennifer Sheldon, Intel

"Great class, recommending to all!"  -- Kristi Wong, Expedia, Inc

" The course was great. Excellent material and a great instructor that really helped us to learn. This was a great training experience."  -- Ken Pezanowski, Chubb & Son, Inc.


You will learn to define quality in detail, clearly and verifiably, and to identify multiple and supportive ways to achieve your desired level of quality. You will balance early and late fault detection and integrate quality-related tasks with overall project goals.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for individuals charged with ensuring or improving software product quality. This includes QA managers and leads, test managers and leads, development managers and leads, project managers, architects, and other development team members who want to improve the quality of their software products.

Certification Information

17 PDU

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All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Defining Quality

  • Textbook Quality Definitions
  • QA vs. QC

Quality Goals

  • The ISO 9126 definition of quality
  • Characterization
    • Scaling a characteristic
    • Prioritization of characteristics
  • Establishing what it means to be "good enough"

General Strategy

  • The basic philosophy of software quality
  • Early removal of defects
  • Insulating from impact of defects
  • Using the PDCA cycle

Finding Faults

  • Common faults in software and where they are created
  • Identifying the defects
  • Tracking defects

Detection Toolbox

  • Peer reviews
  • Quality attribute workshops
  • Dynamic testing
  • Prototyping
  • Detection effectiveness

Approaching Quality

  • Basic approach
  • Lifecycles and characteristics

Implementing Quality in Requirements

  • Five whys
  • Task analysis
  • Vision & goals
  • Gists
  • Fit criteria

Implementing Quality in Design

  • Facilitated workshops
  • Architecture tradeoff analysis method
  • Design impact estimation
  • Personas

Implementing Quality in Code

  • Satisfice and softgoals
  • Optimization

Analytical Toolbox

  • Measures
  • Comparing discrete classes
  • Trending a class
  • Process control
  • Collecting data

Managing Software Quality

  • Organizational level quality
  • Process improvement

Establishing a Quality Culture

  • Growing capability
  • Selecting practices
  • Audits
  • Gates
  • Senior staff

Verifying Up Front Quality

  • Monitoring the project

Advancing Quality Tomorrow

  • Tasks by Role
  • Quality practices

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