Software Project Survival Guide

Project Team's Bill of Rights

I have the right:

  1. To know the project objectives and to clarify priorities.
  2. To know in detail what product I’m supposed to build and to clarify the product definition if it is unclear.
  3. To have ready access to the customer, manager, marketer, or other person responsible for making decisions about the software’s functionality.
  4. To work each phase of the project in a technically responsible way, especially to not be forced to start coding too early in the project.
  5. To approve effort and schedule estimates for any work that I will be asked to perform. This includes the right to provide only the kinds of cost and schedule estimates that are theoretically possible at each stage of the project; to take the time needed to create meaningful estimates; and to revise estimates whenever the project’s requirements change.
  6. To have my project’s status reported accurately to customers and upper management.
  7. To work in a productive environment free from frequent interruptions and distractions, especially during critical parts of the project.