How can you increase your personal productivity? Decades of research have found least ten-fold “10x” differences in productivity and quality between the best software developers and the worst. In this course, you will learn and apply effective techniques that will allow you to vastly increase your personal productivity. You will learn the Eight Key Principles of 10x Software Development, discover the tactics and factors that affect individual productivity, and avoid the productivity traps of “minus-x” engineering.

This 2-day seminar includes:

  • Productivity Basics
  • 10x Principle: Avoid Minus X Productivity
  • 10x Principle: Set Direction
  • 10x Principle: Attack Uncertainty
  • 10x Principle: Tailor Solution to the Problem
  • 10x Principle: Seek Ground Truth
  • 10x Principle: Make Decisions with Data
  • 10x Principle: Minimize Unintentional Rework
  • 10x Principle: Grow Capability

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Who Should Attend

Developers, analysts, testers, project managers, and other individual contributors on software projects who are interested in increasing their personal productivity.

Certification Information

 3 PDU

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All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Productivity Basics

  • Distribution of skills: Who can be a 10x individual?
  • Creating productive thinking spaces
  • The power of effective time management

10x Principle: Avoid Minus X Productivity

  • Introduction to Minus-X Productivity
  • Recognizing productivity killers
  • Classic productivity mistakes
  • Identifying your personal classic mistakes
  • Plans for eliminating classic mistakes

10x Principle: Set Direction

  • Criticality of vision and direction
  • Creating compelling visions
  • Backfilling incomplete visions
  • Clarifying detailed direction using T-shirt sizing
  • Clarifying direction with the personal iron triangle
  • Leveraging planning at multiple levels
  • Building plans incrementally with rolling wave planning
  • Intensifying shared vision through Defined Collaborations

10x Principle: Attack Uncertainty

  • The role of uncertainty in software
  • Effective techniques for dealing with inherent uncertainty
  • Attacking uncertainty at the individual level: Personal risk management
  • Focusing work through identification of essential and accidental properties
  • Using prototypes to reduces uncertainty
  • Dos and don'ts of effective prototyping

10x Principle: Tailor Solution to the Problem

  • Software projects' intellectual phases
  • Determining the intellectual phase profile of your project
  • Project lifecycles
  • Lifecycle strengths and weaknesses
  • Which lifecycle is best for your project?
  • Project tradeoffs and the toolbox approach
  • Basics of Lean development
  • Good Enough software

10x Principle: Seek Ground Truth

  • Relationship between models and ground truth
  • Role of models in decision making
  • Role of working software in decision making (continuous build and test)
  • Modeling tips and pitfalls
  • Establishing high-bandwidth feedback loops
  • Running effective retrospectives
  • Task estimation as a foundation for feedback
  • Effective personal estimation practices
  • Intrinsic status measures
  • Extrinsic status measures

10x Principle: Make Decisions with Data

  • Introduction to engineering decision making
  • Role of facts vs. judgment
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Key data sources
  • Identifying evidence for decisions
  • Ground truth and decision making
  • Creation of decision rules
  • The importance of delayed decision making and Last Responsible Moment
  • Techniques for group decisions

10x Principle: Minimize Unintentional Rework

  • Truly understanding defects
  • Cost of rework and low quality
  • Customer perceptions of quality
  • Elegant alternatives to brute force quality
  • The important role of Low Cost Queues
  • Early defect detection strategies and methods
  • Role of inspections and reviews
  • Checklists as a lightweight rework avoidance strategy
  • Test driven development basics
  • Planning to minimize rework: Anticipate change

10x Principle: Grow Capability

  • Understand software development fundamentals
  • Planning for skills growth
  • Team self evaluation
  • Building team support for skills growth
  • A continuous improvement model (AXOR)
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement

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