Getting to High-Fidelity Scrum

Getting to High-Fidelity Scrum

We offer this workshop privately at your location as well as at our Bellevue, WA campus.

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Getting to High-Fidelity Scrum

Scrum is the most widely used Agile approach in the software development industry. However, many organizations experience challenges that reduce productivity, predictability, and transparency. Construx helps teams and organizations increase the fidelity of their Scrum adoption in support of more successful products and projects.

Workshop Activities

This engagement is typically conducted with one or more entire Scrum teams and includes the following activities:

  • Construx teaches our two-day Scrum Boot Camp course to ensure a shared understanding of Scrum and identify gaps in the current adoption.
  • One or two days of hands-on coaching and mentoring with each team to refine the Product Backlog, clarify key requirements for successful Sprint Planning for the first Sprint, create a Definition of Done, and estimate work.

If desired, Construx will return once or twice to work with the teams to address concerns and continue the improvement efforts.


At the conclusion of this engagement, the teams will have:

  • A shared understanding of Scrum.
  • A list of the gaps between the teams’ current use of Scrum and high-fidelity Scrum.
  • Coaching on specific techniques and practices that will help them close the gaps.


This engagement lasts for three to five days depending on the number of teams participating.


Between one and three intact Scrum teams, including all members of the Development Team, their Product Owners, and the Scrum Masters. Appropriate leaders within the organization should also attend.


3-5 day workshop