Software Due Diligence

“Will the software support our business goals?” Construx’s software due diligence reviews illuminate technical risks while shielding intellectual property details. We analyze code, design, technology, and development sophistication to help you make solid business decisions.

Our software due diligence team has both technical knowledge and business experience. We’ve reviewed over 350 systems using a combination of custom tools and techniques that focus on key technical questions and (as needed) translate answers into non-technical business findings.

We work quickly (most software due diligence engagements are 1-3 weeks) to provide insight into:

  • What will it take to modify and add new functionality
  • Maintainability and automated testing
  • Scalability risks and strengths
  • System design, code size, technologies, and complexity
  • Open source and other dependencies
  • Security and privacy risks
  • Development capability, data center practices, defect/incident analysis
  • Defect/incident analysis
  • Sophistication and robustness of algorithms and data models
  • Internationalization, portability, or other quality attributes
  • Your specific questions

We have significant experience on many platforms (including Windows, Linux, mobile, and embedded), many business domains (accounting to telecommunication, medical devices to entertainment, etc.), and most current programming languages and technologies. We know how to handle sensitive software code and intellectual property.

Acquiring a software company? Contact Construx about software due diligence.

software due diligence