Construx Services: What are Organizational Assessments?


Join Construx Senior Fellow Erik Simmons and Mark Griffin as they discuss the ins and outs of Construx’s organizational assessments, which go beyond software engineering technical practices to also examine organizational structure, the architecture of the system, the way people communicate, and the degree of interteam trust. Culture can play as important a role as technical practices, so Construx’s assessments also assess the effect of an organization’s culture on autonomy, mastery, and purpose, which are required for motivating teams. Check out our “More Effective Agile, Part 2” episode to hear Steve McConnell describe how to motivate teams through autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Erik and Mark then discuss the numerous and varied reasons Construx’s clients request organizational assessments. Next, they dive into the process of assessments: planning, information gathering, analysis, and reporting. The episode ends with a focus on results: multiple examples of the findings and recommendations this service has provided Construx clients.