More Effective Agile, Part 5: Steve McConnell Describes the Key Principles of His New Book


Fifth in our series in which Steve McConnell describes the 28 key principles in his new book, More Effective Agile (Construx Press, 2019). The principles discussed this time:

“Manage Technical Debt.” A consistent focus on quality is part of an effective Agile implementation. Managing technical debt supports higher team morale, faster progress, and higher quality products. (See page 131 in the book.)

“Support Large Agile Projects Through Architecture.” Good architecture can support portioned work on a project and minimize large-project overhead. Great architecture can make a large project feel like a smaller one. (See page 144.)

“Automate Repetitive Activities.” No one likes repetitive activities, and many of the activities that can be automated in software development provide more benefit when they’re automated than when they aren’t. (See page 208.)