Software Development Resources

As part of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering, Construx provides an array of software development resources. Our focus is on supporting time tested, proven software development best practices across the full spectrum of software development activities.

How to Choose an Agile Scaling Framework

Enterprises that adopt Agile development practices typically want to apply them to projects both large and small. The most proven Agile methodologies—Scrum in particular, along with its supporting practices—is fundamentally a small-team-level practice aimed at managing workflow for 5-9 people at a time. These Agile practices can be highly effective at the team level, but they do not address large...

Lessons Learned in Agile Transformation

As Agile development continues to cross the chasm, Web companies, SaaS companies, and mobile-centric categories have fully transitioned to Agile—and have done it easily. Meanwhile, companies in traditional industries are struggling with their Agile transformations—including...

Webinar: 10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation

The average project overruns its planned budget and schedule by 50-80 percent. In practice, little work is done that could truly be called "estimation." Many projects are scheduled using a combination of legitimate business targets and liberal doses of wishful thinking. In this one-hour webinar, noted author and software engineer Steve McConnell presents 10 of the worst ways estimates go wrong.

Webinar: Agile Estimation: Key Principles and Practices

Many organizations have adopted Scrum in an attempt to gain visibility and control over projects, however, Scrum is agnostic about project planning and estimating. This webinar provides an overview of key principles and practices for effective Agile project estimating and planning that have helped many Construx clients greatly increase the accuracy of their project forecasts.

Webinar: Case Studies in Software Engineering Judgment

High-profile software project disasters have been commonplace for decades. Failed projects are followed by hand-wringing and cries of, "Where did we go wrong?" The people involved in the failed projects seem unable to determine the root causes of failure. Post mortem analyses typically settle on conspicuously incorrect answers, such as "We didn't test enough," "We should have been more agile," or "We...

Webinar: How to Choose an Agile Scaling Framework

Jenny Stuart, Vice President of Consulting at Construx, shares key insights about choosing an Agile scaling framework that is the right fit for your organization. You'll learn what to do when you have five or more Scrum teams working on a project together.

Webinar: Managing Technical Debt

"Technical Debt" refers to delayed technical work that is incurred when technical short cuts are taken, usually in pursuit of calendar-driven software schedules. Technical debt is inherently neither good nor bad: Just like financial debt, some technical debts can serve valuable business purposes. Other technical debts are simply counterproductive.

Webinar: Right-Sizing Agile Development

Agile development has now been in use for almost a decade. Why use Agile methods? What are the strengths of Agile? What are some common failure modes? What other lessons has the software industry learned about Agile development? In this one-hour webinar, noted author and software engineer Steve McConnell draws on Construx's extensive consulting work to dissect Agile development.

Webinar: Secrets of World Class Software Organizations

Construx consultants work with literally hundreds of software organizations each year. Among these organizations a few stand out as being truly world class. They are exceptional in their ability to meet their software development goals and exceptional in the contribution they make to their companies' overall business success. Do world class software organizations operate differently than average...