Software Development Resources

As part of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering, Construx provides an array of software development resources. Our focus is on supporting time tested, proven software development best practices across the full spectrum of software development activities.


Brainstorming is a technique to generate a lot of ideas very quickly. The primary purpose of a session is to get individuals to burst through thought categories that they currently have to go into new territories.

Business Policies

Define the principles and regulations that influence the behavior and structure of the business being modeled. Business polices provide the useful basis for decomposing business rules.

Construction Testing

Construction testing is a combination of test practices performed during the construction of a component, by the engineer(s) constructing that component,with the intent of finding defects as close to the injection point as possible.

Context Diagram

Shows the system as a whole in its environment. It defines what/who will interact with the system and the high-level of data/materials into/out of the system.

Decision Table

Describes the conditions associated with particular actions or decisions, along with the constraints on the associated behavior.

Design For Change

Design For Change refers to employing design structures, techniques, practices, idioms and patterns that allow a software system behavior to be more easily modified in the future.