Using Agile Practices in a Regulated Industry

Using Agile Practices in a Regulated Industry

Your Challenge

At first glance, Scrum and Agile practices seem inconsistent with requirements for regulated software. Whether it is the FDA, FCC, FAA, or any other regulatory agency, your organization must work within stringent requirements. And similar to a phase-gate process, you are likely going to be inspected at various phases in the development cycle. You must be validated and verified. The documentation is fierce. But can you still get the benefits of Agile?

How We Help

Yes you can. Construx can show you how to use Agile in compliance with government or industry regulations and to factor documentation requirements into your backlog without sacrificing efficiency. In fact, Scrum can help you shorten the post-development validation phases and get to market faster. We will guide you through proactive Scrum techniques on the front end and help your organization align all process groups around the same goal: delivering business value as quickly as possible.