Scaling Scrum Beyond The First Successful Project

Scaling Scrum Beyond The First Successful Project

Your Challenge

You tried Scrum on a small project and it went well. Everyone was excited to try it on a larger, more complex project, which went less well. Visibility wasn’t great and there were quality and integration issues. The third project just seems out of control. These declining results are puzzling – and the schedule and budget consequences are worrisome. Scrum seemed like the answer at first. What happened?

How We Help

In-depth training is essential to get everyone on the same page – and lay a proper foundation for the future. Construx offers a Scrum Boot Camp course that will give your teams a comprehensive approach to implementing Scrum on any size project, and then Advanced Agile training to move beyond basic Scrum. We can then add tailored coaching to guide you through applying Scrum to a specific project. This coaching is delivered by consultants with expertise in everything from architecture and design to team roles, integration of multi-piece projects, and release planning – ensuring that whatever questions come up get answered and your teams know what the steps to success are.